Discover the Faces Behind Fields Injury Law

About Fields Injury Law

Founded by Steve Fields over 20 years ago, Fields Injury Law stands as a beacon of support for people injured in Minnesota.

Our dedication extends beyond just legal representation; we focus on all aspects impacted by a work-related injury, resulting in the creation of our unique All-In-One Injury Solution

The Fields Advantage

Our approach at Fields Injury Law sets us apart. By investing time to truly understand your situation, we ensure we grasp the full extent of your needs and goals in your case.

We aim to protect your rights and secure the benefits and compensation you're entitled to.

Our clients benefit from the synergy of managing all aspects of Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation, Truck and Car Accidents, and Disability claims under one roof with a dedicated team of attorneys and professionals.

Our team focuses on Workers' Compensation, Accident, and Personal Injury claims.

Each of these areas is tailored to provide unique benefits to our clients, depending on the injury's specific circumstances.

We Get Results

Our history of helping people in Minnesota speaks volumes. Fields Injury Law has consistently fought for and won compensation and disability benefits for our clients, always with an eye on their long-term interests.

Our team of seasoned Minnesota attorneys is committed to assisting injured and disabled workers throughout the state.

Everyone deserves access to an attorney, and everyone deserves quality legal advice. That's why we're honored to be Minnesota's go-to resource for those injured in accidents or who are disabled and unable to continue working.