Why Hire Fields Injury Law?

Why Should I Hire Fields Injury Law?

When you’re suffering from serious injuries, a disease, or a disability that prevents you from working, it can be difficult to deal with red tape, paperwork, and delays from insurance companies or government entities. You’re worried about the future and have a lot of questions.

  • How will you pay your bills if you can’t work?
  • When can you return to work?
  • Should you accept the insurance company’s offer?
  • What if it’s not enough to cover your future expenses?

Fields Injury Law was established with the sole purpose of helping injured workers like you pick up the pieces after getting hurt on the job and those who are unable to work due to a disability.

All-In-One Injury Solution

Every day, our lawyers help people across the state recover benefits, and because of the broad knowledge of our team, we can help with additional claims that may be related to your work injury or disability.

  • Workers’ Compensation Benefits
  • Long-Term Disability Benefits
  • Social Security Disability Benefits
  • Personal Injury Claims

No matter where you are in the claims process, we can help.

  • Filing a Claim
    After your work injury, we’ll help you determine what kinds of benefits you’re eligible to receive, fill out the necessary paperwork, and file your claim accurately and on time.
  • Appealing a Denial
    If your claim was denied, we’ll help you understand why you were denied and gather the necessary evidence to file a strong appeal.
  • Negotiating Increased Benefits
    If you weren’t offered enough to cover your present and future expenses, we’ll negotiate on your behalf to make sure you get the most money possible, as quickly as possible.
  • Maximizing Your Compensation
    We can also help you file third-party liability claims if you were hurt in an auto accident, by a defective product, or because of someone else’s negligence while at work.

No Obligation

If you have questions and need answers from someone you can trust, we’ll gladly take the time to listen to your story and explain your options. Not everyone needs a lawyer, so if you don’t need an attorney, we’ll tell you so. It costs nothing to tell us your story. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means you won’t owe us any fees unless we get money for you.

Getting the benefits you need to cover your medical treatment, lost wages, and living expenses after being hurt at work or appealing a disability claim can be a difficult, frustrating process. But you don’t have to do it alone.

10 Ways We Can Help

Let Fields Injury Law take the stress off your shoulders so you can focus on taking care of your family and getting medical treatment. If you were hurt at work in Minnesota or are unable to work due to a disability, Fields Injury Law can:

  1. Answer all your questions.
  2. Meet with you free of charge.
  3. Identify all the benefits you’re eligible to receive.
  4. Help you get the medical treatment you need.
  5. Complete and submit your paperwork accurately and on time.
  6. Maximize your compensation from all sources.
  7. Negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.
  8. Protect you from retaliation or intimidation by your employer.
  9. Keep you updated on the status of your claim.
  10. Empower you to make confident decisions about your future.

Call us any time of day or night, any day of the week, and be connected with a compassionate professional who will gather information about your situation and answer your questions for free.