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When you suffer a workplace injury, you face a host of challenges and questions: How will you pay for your medical expenses? What if workers’ comp is not sufficient to cover all your costs? What are your legal rights? 

At Fields Injury Law, our dedicated team is committed to supporting injured workers in Minnetonka and the broader Minnesota area. Navigating the intricacies of Minnesota's workers' compensation laws can be daunting, but you don't have to face it alone.

Whether you're seeking answers about the compensation process, determining liability, or exploring legal recovery options, our Minnetonka workers’ compensation attorneys are here to provide clarity and guide you every step of the way. Let us protect your rights and secure the benefits you rightfully deserve.

Why Choose Fields Injury Law as Your Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Minnesota

Our personal injury lawyers have a strong background in handling workers’ compensation cases in Minnesota. For over 20 years, we’ve upheld the rights of injured workers like you and have successfully helped recover millions of dollars for our clients.

However, at Fields Injury Law, our commitment goes beyond paperwork and courtrooms. We're genuinely dedicated to standing by your side, ensuring that you're not just another case number — but a valued individual seeking justice.

We have seen the personal and financial hardships that injured workers face. Our approach is tailored to understand your unique circumstances, ensuring that we champion your needs every step of the way. Our team isn't just focused on the immediate legal needs; we advocate for your long-term well-being. We ensure that you not only receive rightful compensation but also the best medical care and rehabilitation to make your road to recovery smoother.

Our history of successful claims is a testament to our dedication, strategy, and commitment. While past results aren't indicative of future outcomes, they reflect our capability and drive to fight for our clients' rights. Choose Fields Injury Law today – where your well-being and justice are our top priorities. 

How Workers’ Comp Works in Minnesota

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Workers' compensation is a form of insurance that provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees who are injured while performing job-related duties. This system ensures that workers receive appropriate care and financial support during recovery without having to establish the employer's fault in court.

Workers’ comp also offers a safety net for workers, protecting them from potential financial hardships due to work-related injuries. However, these benefits cover limited damages, which we will explain briefly. 

Circumstances Under Which Workers Can Claim Compensation:

Almost all employers and employees in Minnesota are under the umbrella of workers' compensation according to state law. Employers must provide compensation for any injury or death that happens during the course of work, even if they weren’t at fault or negligent.

However, if the employee deliberately injured themselves or was intoxicated at the time of injury, workers’ comp may not cover them. It's up to the injured employee to prove they were hurt during work, while employers need to show evidence if they believe the injury was self-inflicted or due to intoxication.

The circumstances in which workers’ compensation will provide benefits include:

  • The injury happened while the employee was working or performing a work-related task.
  • The injury resulted directly or indirectly from work-related activities.
  • The injury wasn't intentionally self-inflicted or caused by the employee's intoxication.

Exceptions might exist, and each case's specifics can influence the eligibility for compensation. Thus, a legal professional can ensure you have a valid claim and process it efficiently. 

Typical Injuries or Situations Covered:

Workers' compensation covers a broad spectrum of injuries and illnesses, ranging from minor to severe. According to a recent Survey of Occupational Injury and Illness in Minnesota, the most common workplace injuries include overexertion and motion injuries, falls, trips, slips, and contact with objects or equipment.

Other common examples include:

  • Repetitive strain injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Injuries from equipment malfunctions.
  • Burns or injuries from chemical exposures.
  • Occupational diseases that result from prolonged exposure to harmful substances.
  • Traumatic events leading to psychological trauma

No matter what type of workplace injury you sustained, we can protect your rights. You deserve legal guidance to ensure you get the most from your workers’ compensation, and our workers’ compensation attorneys are here to help. 

When You’re Eligible for a Third-Party Claim

In some situations, you may pursue a third-party claim instead of workers’ comp benefits. However, determining your options requires the application of the law and the aid of a legal professional who can do this.

At Fields Injury Law, we excel in interpreting and applying the nuanced elements of Minnesota statutes, especially as they pertain to third-party liabilities and claims. 

Workers’ Comp and Third-Party Claims

If you are injured by a third-party while at work you may be able to file a claim for workers' compensation benefits and take legal action against a responsible third party for damages. Our team will help you discern which path is most advantageous for you.

What Is a Third-Party Claim?

A third-party claim occurs when you file a lawsuit against someone other than your employer who caused your injury—a vendor, another company, or even an individual, depending on the situation.

For example, suppose a poorly maintained machine at work injures you. While workers' comp will cover your immediate medical expenses and some lost wages, you may sue the outside company (the third party) for their role in your injury. In this case, if you win the lawsuit, the third party (or their insurance) pays you. However, you'll need to prove that they were at fault. 

Compensation in Third-Party Claims 

Additionally, one of the advantages of third-party claims is the potential to recover compensation for physical pain and emotional suffering, which workers' compensation doesn't encompass.

Beyond just the physical and emotional toll, if the incident damages personal property, like a vehicle, a third-party claim allows for the pursuit of damages for its repair or replacement.

Moreover, while workers' comp certainly covers medical costs, third-party claims can delve deeper, addressing specific needs like long-term care or specialized treatments that workers' comp might not cover.

Can You File a Third-Party Claim and Receive Workers’ Comp Simultaneously? 

Under Minnesota statutes, filing a third-party claim typically means that you revoke your right to claim workers’ compensation benefits.

However, an injured worker might have multiple avenues for seeking compensation. These instances can get especially intricate, demanding the skill and experience of a seasoned attorney.

Fields Injury Law stands committed to guiding injured workers through the maze of workers' compensation and third-party liabilities. We're here to explain your rights, the choices available to you, and the potential benefits you might receive. 

How a Minnetonka Workers' Compensation Lawyer Can Help

In the wake of a workplace injury, a Minnetonka workers' compensation lawyer plays a pivotal role, getting injured employees the justice and compensation they rightfully deserve.

Here's a closer look at what our lawyers can do for you:

Calculating your rightful compensation can involve substantial legalese and complexities. Our lawyers simplify this process, explaining the full extent of your rightful compensation. Whether it's medical bills, rehabilitation costs, or lost wages, we ensure you're aware of and can claim every cent you deserve.

Navigating the Documentation Process

The workers' compensation process involves a significant amount of paperwork. From medical reports to incident details, you must correctly fill out and submit every document. Our attorneys can guide you step by step, putting every piece of necessary documentation in order and submitting it on time, maximizing your chances for a successful claim.

Representation in Third-Party Claims 

If your case entails third-party liability, our Minnesota workers' compensation lawyers can present a robust case for your claim and ensure your voice is heard and your rights upheld.

Let a Minnetonka Workers' Compensation Lawyer from Fields Injury Law stand with you, ensuring you receive the care, compensation, and justice you rightfully deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time frame for filing a workers' compensation claim?

In Minnesota, someone must report serious workplace accidents and fatalities within 48 hours. All other injuries have a reporting deadline of 10 days from the date of the injury or from when you become aware of the injury. Consult a Minnesota workers’ compensation attorney to understand specific timelines or exceptions that may apply to your case. 

Can I choose my own doctor for treatment under workers' compensation?

In Minnesota, you generally may choose any doctor. However, follow the prescribed guidelines. Your workers’ compensation lawyer can coordinate with your healthcare provider and, if necessary, other outside experts to strengthen your claim. 

What if I'm not satisfied with the benefits or decisions made in my workers' compensation case? Can I appeal?

Yes, if you're unsatisfied with the decision related to your workers' compensation claim, you generally may appeal through the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals. You want legal representation during an appeal to meet all procedural requirements and effectively present your case.

Our workers’ compensation lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning that they only get paid if they secure a settlement or award for you. You don't have to pay any legal fees upfront; instead, the fees come from the final settlement or award. Our lawyers are glad to discuss the details of this fee arrangement with you during your free consultation.

What should I do if my employer retaliates against me for filing a workers' compensation claim?

Retaliation for filing a workers' compensation claim is illegal in most jurisdictions. If you believe you face retaliation, such as termination, demotion, harassment, or any other negative employment action due to filing a workers’ comp claim, document everything and consult a Minnesota workers’ comp attorney. You may receive further compensation with our help.

Are family members entitled to any benefits if a workplace injury results in death?

Yes, if a workplace injury leads to the death of an employee, their dependents, often including a spouse, children, or sometimes other family members, might be eligible for death benefits through workers' compensation. These benefits can cover funeral expenses and provide financial support based on the deceased's wages. Consult a legal professional to understand the legal remedies in such tragic circumstances.

Let Fields Injury Law Help You Navigate Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Attorney Steve Fields
Minnetonka Workers' Compensation Attorney, Steve Fields

Workplace injuries can be a turbulent and trying time for both employees and their families. Understandably, you may feel overwhelmed by the legal jargon, the decision-making process, and the pursuit of just compensation.

That's where we come in, ready to assist you in making the decisions that will benefit you and your loved ones long-term. 

Our dedicated team at Fields Injury Law is committed to demystifying the complexities of workers' compensation and third-party claims. With years of experience, a compassionate approach, and a proven track record, we're here to hold your rights and obtain the benefits you rightfully deserve. 

Let us seek justice and ensure a brighter future for you and your loved ones. Contact our personal injury lawyers in Minnesota today for your free consultation. Call us at (612) 206-3495 so we can discuss your case, answer any questions, and determine the best path forward together.